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See what parents think of Busy Bees Pre-school by reading some of their feedback below.


I am so thrilled to have found Busy Bees and cannot thank the staff enough for their encouragement and support in helping my son to settle in.


I know he feels secure and cared for and the kind approach of the staff has gone a long way in ensuring he not only feels safe but also has fun! He has announced very proudly that he has not cried at the last two sessions and told me he is happy and has a good time. I have also noticed that he is developing a greater understanding of taking turns and sharing. I also appreciate the cuddles my son receives if he has a wobble.


Although he has been there a short time, I can see that the children are wonderfully cared for and an extremely happy bunch. I would not hesitate in recommending Busy Bees to anyone.


I have always been so pleased to drop off and collect my children knowing that they have had such a wonderful time! When I tell my daughter that it’s a Busy Bees day, the response I get without fail is “yay! I love Busy Bees!”


The setting mirrors what children experience in reception very closely. They learn to listen and sit calmly in groups at tables at register and home time. I couldn’t wish for any better preparation for school for my children.  


I am so impressed by the standards & level of caring, provided by busy bees. All staff are lovely, nothing is too much trouble and prepared my child beautifully for school.

Busy Bees makes learning fun. The children are engaged and stimulated and use a variety of materials/toys/equipment/activities very effectively. The comprehensive curriculum is excellent preparation for school. Staff are warm, friendly and enthusiastic towards all the children. Children form strong bonds with staff and each other, and are proud of their achievements at Busy Bees. The premises are bright, clean and well equipped.


The environment is happy and calm. There is a sense of team spirit amongst the staff. Children are encouraged to ‘have a go’ (ball games /singing/ dancing /art and crafts) both in groups and individually. Staff are positive, reassuring and encouraging, whilst never forcing a child to do anything if they are unsure. The inside and outside space is set up differently every day, exposing children to a huge variety of activities. Children bring home a different piece of craft that they have made during the session every day. Staff plan activities carefully to enhance learning for example singing ‘Jelly on a plate’ with actions, making Jelly, touching and watching jelly to find out how it feels and moves.


Staff allow children to learn and develop at their own pace and respond appropriately to the needs of each child. Staff at Busy Bees care very much about the well-being and development of the children. They delight in their achievements, sharing positive observations regularly with parents. 


My child is in her first term and settled in. I am very impressed with the responsiveness and care from all the staff at the nursery. She is naturally quite cautious in her character and staff have really helped her to settle and feel safe and secure. Thanks to all staff for supporting with this process.


We can see a huge difference in our sons social sharing and communication skills.  With his health problems it was a big step for us to trust someone to be able to put certain things in place to protect him as much as possible.


We needn’t have worried as you all look after him as best as we do.


Busy bees offers a warm, happy and fun environment for the children to learn and play in.  I love the fact that the room is set up with a differ not range of activities every day and everything is prepared with such care and thought.  The staff are really involved and get to know the children really well. 



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